The Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme is Finally Here!

Save Time and Earn More with this POWERFUL Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme $15

Ultimate Azon is an Amazon wordpress theme for Amazon affiliates. It is a very powerful wordpress theme that has a lot of potential. You can create single standalone Amazon affiliate sites with Ultimate Azon or you can create professional Amazon affiliate store. Let’s find out all about the theme in Ultimate Azon review.

The developer of the theme claims that you can earn more money with Ultimate Azon wordpress theme. To some extent, this claim is true but you see, creating a site will not going to make money for you. You’ll have to do the hardultimate azon review work of driving traffic and generating leads.

Some of the features of the Ultimate Azon theme include:

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How to use the Ultimate Azon Theme and Make Money with Amazon

Here is a demo of the Ultimate Azon Theme if you haven't seen it in action yet...

VIDEO #1: Where did the Ultimate Azon Theme Come From?

This video is all about the origins of this conversation-monster of a theme. Discover the best Amazon Niche Site Theme and the exact setup we use ourselves. 

VIDEO #2: How to Install UAT on a fresh WordPress Install

In this video, you'll discover how to install the UAT in WordPress, activate the theme, and input the license key.

VIDEO #3: Walk through of UAT settings pages

In this video, you'll see all the settings pages for UAT.

VIDEO #4: Setting Up Your Main Product Type

In video 4, you'll learn how to set up your Main Product Type. This makes setting up great looking tables, sliders, and DragonDrop comparison easy.

VIDEO #5: Setting Up Required Pages

In video 5, you'll see the few pages that need to be set up for UAT to convert the best. It is very simple to set up those pages.

VIDEO #6: The Navigation Bar

In video 6, you'll see how to configure the navigation bar. It is a very common question, and there is a little trick that Dave covers in the video.

VIDEO #7: Setting Up Slider, Table, and DragonDrop

In video 7, you see one of the best features of the Ultimate Azon Theme. You can set up beautiful high converting sliders, comparison table, and a DragonDrop comparison that no one else offers.
Best Amazon Affiliate Theme
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Ultimate Azon – Helping You Make Money with Amazon

Amazon has one of the most popular affiliate programs online. It would not surprise me if the number of registered affiliates on Amazon Associates was in the hundreds of thousands, or possibly even in the millions.
I first started promoting Amazon around 2001 and found a little success with it in the beginning due to a script that was released by a SitePoint forum member called Nintendo.

Amazon Associates lets you earn money by linking to products listed on Amazon.

Nintendo’s script helped you build a large Amazon store in minutes. Within a few months I was earning a few hundred dollars a month from less than an hour’s work. Unfortunately, thousands of others downloaded that script, so it was not long until all of our directories were clogging up search engine results. It got quite competitive and over time my commissions dwindled.
I have always been keen on earning money with Amazon again, such as developing small content websites that target Amazon products (but have yet to get round to doing it). I had one failed attempt at making money with Amazon five years ago when I designed a website that focused on powerballs. However, I really did not give it the attention it deserved and I eventually just abandoned the project.
Recently, I renewed my interest in earning money through Amazon after reading some inspiring success stories from fellow internet marketers.
A search for useful Amazon scripts soon led me to Ultimate Azon Theme – a WordPress design that can be used for large authority websites or small niche websites.

Ultimate Azon is a WordPress theme designed for Amazon affiliates.
I contacted Dave Nicosia, the developer of Ultimate Azon. He kindly sent me a copy of the theme to test for all of you.
Anything with “Ultimate” in the name has to be amazing. Doesn’t it?
Let us take a closer look at Ultimate Azon and find out.

The Ultimate Azon Design

I have reviewed many affiliate marketing WordPress themes in the past, such as HeatMap theme and IntelliTheme. One thing that surprises many people is that these types of WordPress themes always have bland outdated designs.
Ultimate Azon is no different. The design looks good, but it is very basic. That, however, was done on purpose. Simple designs convert very well with Made-for-Adsense websites and small niche content websites.
Ultimate Azon is being used on the review website Best Cordless Drill Today. One of the key parts of the design is an option to drag and drop products into a table in order to compare their specifications. This is something that buyers will find very useful.

Ultimate Azon has a simple design that does not have any distractions. Everything is geared towards the visitor generating you a commission.
Reviews are listed in a blog style index. As with any WordPress theme, you can add anything you want to the sidebar. My own preference would be to display a search bar, a long list of reviews, and some banners to related products.

Best Cordless Drill Today is a good example of how small content websites can make good money.
Ultimate Azon offers many different widget areas. There is a default sidebar, home page sidebar, blog sidebar, and main product sidebar. There is a widget area in the header too as well as four widget zones in the footer.

Ultimate Azon has a traditional four column footer design.
Ultimate Azon was designed for Amazon affiliates. That is why reviews are at the heart of this theme. A review box details all features and specifications of a product. Ratings are displayed as well.

Product pages make it easy for visitors to digest important information about a product.
Different kind of comparison tables and product sliders are available. This helps visitors navigate your reviews more easily.

An example of a product slider.
Large comparison tables can be used to display the specifications, rating, and features, of multiple products. These kinds of tables are used all the time by affiliate marketers as they increase conversions considerably.

Comparison tables are an effective marketing tool.
A large percentage of internet users now browse online using their tablets and smartphones so it is important that all websites are mobile-friendly. Thankfully, Ultimate Azon has been optimised for mobile devices.

Ultimate Azon has a responsive design that looks great on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
As I noted earlier, Ultimate Azon does not have an amazing design. It looks outdated when compared to most other popular WordPress themes today. However, these simple types of templates have always been very successful at doing what they were intended to do i.e. make you money.

Setting Up Ultimate Azon

Once you have activated Ultimate Azon, you will see new items in your admin area for Ultimate Azon, Brands, Main Products, and Sliders & Tables.
I did not like the fact that the theme took such a high priority in my admin menu. Nearly all major WordPress themes and plugins hijack my menu in this way, which means the menu gets crowded.
In my opinion, theme options areas should be positioned below important WordPress menu items such as posts and pages.
These menu items can, of course, be moved around using a free WordPress plugin such as Admin Menu Editor.

Ultimate Azon adds a couple of new items to your WordPress admin menu.
A total of eleven menu items can be found under the main Ultimate Azon menu.

The main menu for Ultimate Azon highlights how many options the theme offers.
When you purchase Ultimate Azon, you are permitted to use the theme on an unlimited number of websites. Unfortunately, in order to do so, you need to enter your license key.
This means that Ultimate Azon is not GPL friendly as restrictions on usage such as this should not be in place. A license key should only be required for receiving support and automatic updates.

Your license key has to be entered in order to use Ultimate Azon.
I do appreciate that many WordPress theme developers do not understand the GNU General Public License and I do realise that most developers add license key restrictions to discourage people from stealing their theme.
However, the reality is that a license key can be quickly removed by hackers anyways, therefore it is nothing more than a comfort blanket.
Anyways, moving on.
Once you have activated the theme, you will see the main options page. The license and support page has a link to a dedicated support forum and a reminder that Ultimate Azon is updated automatically through the WordPress area.

Entering your license will display all theme options.
With the theme activated, we can now begin to look at what Ultimate Azon can do.
Before you change any settings, I recommend following the “Getting Started Guide”. There are two guides on this page.
The first guide shows you how to set up Ultimate Azon on a fresh WordPress installation. In four steps it shows you how to set up your home page, how to set up main product reviews, how to set up your website content, and how to set up your navigation.
* There is actually a fifth step noted but all it says is “Enjoy Your New Website!”

Be sure to check out the getting start guide after activating the theme.
The second guide shows you how to convert an existing WordPress website to work with Ultimate Azon.
In six steps it shows you how to display an under construction page while you make your changes, how to set up your home page and blog page, how to set up product reviews, how to convert posts into review types, how to style your website and add content, and how to set up your navigation.

Products, Brands, Sliders, and Tables

The content displayed on your product reviews is added through a custom post type. Link bars can be displayed above and below your main content area.

You can be as creative as you want with your product page.
For each product you can add the name of your product and insert an affiliate link. The brand and rating can also be added, though these can be disabled in the main product settings page if you wish. You can add custom specification fields through this same settings page.
An image can be uploaded for your product. You can decide what happens when someone clicks on the image. You can make it do nothing, zoom in the image, or make the image link to your affiliate URL. I think using your affiliate URL makes more sense as it means the visitor goes to Amazon and is therefore more likely to convert.
A meta title and description can also be added for your product. You can also group products into categories. It works the same way as blog post categories do.

Additional fields can be added to your specification list.
Each brand can be customised. You can add a title, description, image, and website URL for each brand. The meta title and description can be added too.

Brands can be customised.
The process of creating a new comparison table is very straight forward. All you have to do is name your table, enter a heading for the top of the table, and then add the products you want to the table.

It only takes seconds to add a new table.
Once you have created your table, you can insert it into any page on your website. A slider/table button will be displayed on every post type. This allows you to insert your table into your Amazon product page, brand page, or even a blog post or page.
The button will be displayed even if you have disabled the WordPress visual editor.

Click on the Slider/Table button.
At this point you can decide how your products are compared. You can choose either a slider, table, or drag and drop box.

Choose how the products will be compared.
Unfortunately, when I tried to insert the slider/table into my content area, nothing happened. This appears to be a small bug, but I have informed the developer (Dave Nicosia) of this and it should be addressed in the next update.
All in all, the system for building an Amazon content website works well. All you have to do is add information about the products you are trying to promote. This can a general description or a complete review. Integrating product sliders and tables will help conversions even more.

Ultimate Azon Settings Area

Everything can be controlled via the main Ultimate Azon settings area.
In the general settings page you can disable the integrated setup guide and admin tips. An image logo or text logo can be used with Ultimate Azon. The font family, size, and colour, can be adjusted for the text logo.
You can also upload a favicon and customise the disclaimer that is displayed at the bottom of the page.

Ultimate Azon supports a text logo or an image logo.
Ten different colour schemes are included with Ultimate Azon. Current style settings can be saved as a unique preset.

It takes a second to switch to a different colour scheme.
The style settings page lets you customise every aspect of your design. You can change settings such as rounded corners, shadows, background colours, background image, and fonts for your header, sidebars, footer, and main content area.

The styles page allows you to change fonts and colours.
The custom code page lets you add custom CSS. You can also add code to your header and footer from here. This is useful for adding tracking code for stats services such as Google Analytics.

Your theme can be styled using custom CSS code.
In the products settings page you can define your main product. For example, shoes, flowers, or t-shirts. Related products can also be added.
Product specifications can be added and modified on this page too

The products page lets you define your main product and two related products.
The next settings area allows you to customise the styling of your product sliders and tables. You can modify fonts, colours, gradients, and more.
Tables can link to your full product review or link directly to the product URL. Alternatively, you can disable the link.

The colour schemes of your sliders and tables are easily changed.
Ultimate Azon has a few simple SEO settings, though the options are fairly limited. All you can define is the meta title and description and the index and follow status of a page.
This is not really a concern as dedicated SEO WordPress plugins such as WordPress SEO handle everything anyways.

Three simple SEO settings are available.
Google Analytics tracking code can be added via the analytics settings page. Ultimate Azon also has great support for Google Tag Manager. This allows you to track clicks to your Amazon affiliate links.

Ultimate Azon has good support for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
In the Amazon Link Localization page you can enter your Amazon affiliate ID for all Amazon stores. Ultimate Azon will use the correct affiliate tracking links for visitors.
Therefore, if someone from the UK visits your website, the theme will display your UK affiliate ID, and if someone visits from the USA, your USA affiliate ID will be displayed.

Localization ensures you never miss a commission.
Once you have configured your website, you will rarely have to return to the settings area to adjust anything unless you want to modify your website colour scheme.


Ultimate Azon retails at $15. Each purchase comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.
There are not recurring costs incurred with the theme. Once you have bought the theme, you will gain an unlimited website license and lifetime support and upgrades.
You will also gain access to a private members are and support forum.

Final Thoughts

I used to build a lot of small content websites as it is a popular way for affiliate marketers to make money.
Although I have not built a live website with Ultimate Azon yet, I did test it thoroughly. It is by no means a perfect WordPress theme that can do anything and everything. It can, however, help you build Amazon affiliate websites. That is what the theme was created for and it does it very well.
The website Best Cordless Drill Today highlights what the theme can do. I recommend taking a look at the website as it provides a great example of what you can do with Ultimate Azon and how your own Amazon affiliate website would look.
I hope you enjoyed the review. Be sure to check leave a comment below if you have any questions about the theme.

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The Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme

The Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme is Finally Here!

Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

Well hello again! It’s been quite some time since my last post, but it’s only because I’ve been working non-stop on my first product launch! Sometimes it seemed like it would never be done, but after five long months of designing, developing, testing, and setting up the entire sales & support infrastructure …
The Ultimate Azon WordPress Theme is here!

The Back Story

Way back in prehistoric internet times (January of 2014), I started writing a lot about my latest successful niche website and my progress. A lot of you started following along with my journey and it was awesome!
Through this case study, I attracted the attention of a few more well know IM’ers, and started talking with them back and forth. After showing a couple of my trusted colleagues my website that I was writing about and it’s custom WordPress theme, a few of them started asking me if my theme was one that they could just install and use for themselves.
Unfortunately, the theme had a lot of heavy custom development on the backend management side of the site, and couldn’t be easily used by another person unless you had advanced WordPress development skills. I had to tell them no.
This got me thinking though. If these experienced internet marketer’s were interested in using my theme, there is probably a lot more of you out there who could benefit from the advanced product review management and ease of use that I had built into the theme for myself.
I had two options … either be greedy and keep my winning theme to myself, or turn it into a WordPress theme that anybody could install and use right out of the box.
I knew what I had to do … and I’m not a greedy person …

And so it began.

In June of 2014 I started designing and developing my new Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme. It was such a huge project for just one person to undertake that sometimes I would question myself if I would ever get it done. It was difficult to do in just my spare time. A HUGE THANKS to my awesome wife Loree who encouraged me to keep working on it and was willing to sacrifice much of our time together so I could complete it and get it out there for you to use.
Thanks baby!
It’s been a long and sometimes difficult road, but it’s finally ready for you to use!

The Theme

Demo Site:
Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Theme

Theme Features

The theme has a robust feature set that will make your website clean, mobile friendly, unique, and extremely easy to manage on the back end. Let’s take a look at some of the main features.

Extensive Options Panels

There are over 70 different style settings that you can control including all font sizes/colors/font families, background images for the header and body, upload your own logo or use a stylized Google Font logo, and much more.

Preset Theme Settings & Styles

In order to make setting up your website as easy and fast as possible, I’ve provided various “presets” so you can make your site look good at the click of a button, then adjust only what you want to from there.

Save Your Own Preset Theme Styles

So you’ve got your site styles exactly how you want them, but are interested in trying something else out, but you don’t want to lose your current styles. No worries, you can save your own presets so you can easily restore them with a click of your mouse!

Free Background Images

I’ve added a bunch of background images that you can use at no extra charge, or you can upload your own.

EasyAzon Integration

If you’re a fan of the EasyAzon plugin, never fear because the Ultimate Azon WordPress theme works great in conjunction with the plugin. I actually recommend using the two together.

Custom Review Post Type

One problem with WordPress is often separating your product review posts with your regular blog posts. With the Ultimate Azon Theme, you can name your product and the theme will automatically create a new post type using your name, so all of your product reviews will have their own archive and be separate form your blog posts.

Zoomable Main Product Image

How many of your sites have a main product image that you can hover your mouse over to get an up close zoomed in view? Well now all of your sites can have this. For the main product image, you can either set it to zoom in on mouse hover, link to your affiliate link, or be just a plain static image.

Create Custom Product Specifications

One of the powerful time saving customization options is to create your own product specifications. Once you create them, you can then fill out their values every time you create a new review. These then get displayed at the top of your single review post, and get automatically pulled into the sortable product comparison tables built right into the site. (I have plans for more product comparison features as well!)

Two Supporting Product Review Post Types

Along with the main product type, you can set up two related product types. These types are similar to regular blog posts, you can’t add custom product specs or anything, but they will have their own index and be kept separate from your blog.articles archives.

Custom “Brand” Post Type

The final custom post type is to add brand pages. Upload their logo or a different photo, add the website url, and have an archive of the brands that you promote.

Easy-Build Product Sliders & Sortable Comparison Table

These are the goods here. After you add product reviews to your website, you can create as many different product sliders and sortable comparison tables as you want, and embed them in any page or post as you see fit. All you have to do is give the slider/table a name, choose which reviews you want to add to it form a dropdown list, publish, embed in a page via shortcode generator, and your done.
Fast. Easy. Period.

Built In SEO Options

I’ve included very basic SEO options, including a custom meta title, custom meta description, and nofollow/noindex options on a page by page basis. You can either use the built in SEO options, or turn them off so you can use the SEO plugin of your choice if you require a more robust SEO solution.

Google Tag Manager Integration

Ever hear of the Google Tag Manager? Well the cat’s out of the bag. That’s one of my secret weapons that most of you probably don’t even know about! By integrating the theme with the Google Tag Manger, you can easily add your Google Analytics tracking code and do lot of other cool things with it.

Advanced Link Tracking System

The advanced link tracking system in place within the theme ties into your Google Tag Manager account, and lets you pull in detailed data about exactly what links are being clicked and what are not, right within your Google Analytics Dashboard. Powerful stuff here for CTR optimization. Details of how to set this up with the theme and Tag Manager are located within the members only section.

Built In Amazon Link Localization

Responsive Layout & Design

Multiple Sidebar Areas

Members Only Area

I have a members only section set up where you can find the private support forum, additional documentation, and special tutorials and resources for members only.

How Can You Get a Copy?

If you’re interested in getting yourself a copy of the theme, head on over to and check it out in more detail.
I hope to see you in the members only section!

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Ultimate Azon Theme Review: Is It Good For Niche Websites?

What Is It?

Ultimate Azon Theme is a WordPress theme designed to make promoting Amazon products easier.

Short Review

It’s a pretty good looking theme, and some very unique features. However, there are some downsides worth mentioning before you decide if it’s a good theme for your affiliate business.

Before You Buy

First off, I have to apologize to Dave for wrongly lumping his theme in with all those other automatic Amazon themes out there that copy data directly from Amazon directly. This is certainly not what his theme does, and I found out the embarrassing way by having him correct me in the comment section! So I promised to do a full review (about a month or so ago).
It was really easy to purchase the theme, and there were to typical upsells to buy a bunch of unnecessary junk as we see in a lot of internet marketing products.

Ultimate Azon Video Review

Important! In the video I mention some stuff not in the written review, namely about the link localizer, which is a huge reason to use this theme if you are a non-US affiliate and want to easily make use of the US Amazon Associates program.

What I Liked

Created From Experience, Not Theory

From reading content on the Ultimate Azon Theme website, it’s clear that Dave has some experience promoting Amazon products, for example his tutorial on how to write a product review when you haven’t bought the product. I believe he also worked with the owner of to create this theme (a guy who focuses on creating niche websites for income)
A lot of times when I review products it seems like the people are just guessing at a business model that might work and trying to sell you a product based on what they think will make money…not how they actually make money.

Integration with Amazon without Auto-posting

I have previously been down on a lot of Amazon and affiliate related themes because they rely on automatic, PLR, or otherwise copied content to pander to the “done for you crowd”. Ultimate Azon Theme does a good job of working with your affiliate links to help you create a positive user experience for the visitors of you website.
For example, I really liked the slider/table and how that was done.
slider comparison
When you create a product listing on your website, it asks for an image, an affiliate link, a brand, a model, a star rating, and an information blurb (or review, however you want to do it).
You then have the option to create a slider or table that makes use of this information.
slider inside
I can create as many tables as I want, and arrange any of the products in the order I want. Then, when you want to insert a one of these into your homepage or post, you just click a button (similar to “add media”) and displays this info wherever you put the shortcode. You can actually seamless switch between both of these options to test what looks or converts better.
comparison table
This also means you can create lots of comparison charts easily without purchasing or downloading another plugin. I think the star rating addition helps to stick with the Amazon rating theme, which probably helps conversions as well.
For a larger site with more content, you could do lots of “top 5” and “top 3” posts for easy comparison of different groups of products.
My product listing pages are not completed yet (will update in the future…I’m still working on them), but you can see here that the pages created for each of your products look quite good. You get an image with zoom options, a star rating, product overview, and direct link to Amazon.
product page

Lots of Options For Customization

Changing color schemes as well as colors of individual items was easy too. Even adding a favicon, logo, and Amazon disclaimer was all done on the same settings page within the back end of the WordPress site. I pretty much had everything customized within an hour (except for waiting for my logo).

It Ranks

I haven’t worked on my site very long, so I can’t claim any awesome rankings yet. However, I saw that Dave’s example site is currently ranked on page 2 for his main keyword. He doesn’t have very much content on the site at all, so a page 2 ranking for a keyword term with “best” in it is pretty good in my opinion especially considering he has to compete with sites like Consumer Reports and Popular Mechanics for the same keyword.
There are lots of SEO settings integrated with the theme as well, such as product categories and slider names. For example, on a product page listing, the link is
product listings
This is the product listings page (like a mini blog roll of products)
I don’t know how I feel about this yet. Yes, it’s optimized, but I am afraid it might be over-optimized for my keyword. Time will tell. I would feel more comfortable if I had chosen a non keyword-optimized domain name so I didn’t have that rote repetition of my main keyword. Considering that some product names have the same keyword in the title like “motion sensor” or “sprinkler”, there may be some instances where I use my keyword three times in one URL. Over-optimization is a real thing to be concerned about, but I’m not sure if this crosses the line.
It also means that if you build an authority website with products that are not 100% related to your main product, the URL might be a bit funny. For example, if I start promoting motion sensor cameras, the URL will be
Update #1: As usual, I didn’t really follow through with this case study. After publishing a few things to the site (namely products), and one article, I’ve moved on to other projects. I still have a few outsourced articles and it’s a cool niche I think, so may continue with it later. Mostly I wanted to update that my site is now ranked high on page 2!
LOL. Page 2 rankings with relatively little work. I guess the SEO for this theme does work pretty well.
page rank
Update #2: After seeing that I was on page 2, I decided to go in an publish a few more articles. I originally outsourced about 10 articles, but never got around to publishing. I’ve sent them to publish 1x per week for the next couple months. After the second article was published, I discovered that I was now ranking on Page 1!
Hard to say how long it will last or if it will improve, but things are going pretty well for this site despite how little effort I’m doing for it.
uat rank page 1

What I Didn’t Like

Learning Curve With No Video

I’ve been building WordPress sites for almost 5 years now and have experimented with a lot of different themes. Every theme is different, but Ultimate Azon Theme is definitely unique and requires reading the setup guide to understand how everything works.
I managed to figure it out, and it’s not that hard once you get started. But if this is one of your first affiliate websites, be prepared to reread the instructions a few times. A video tutorial or at least some images would have really helped understanding where certain settings are and what they do.

Reliant on One Man

I really do like the Ultimate Azon theme and as you can see from my website (and this review), I spent a significant amount of time building a real website that I do plan to use. However, the main thing that makes me wary of using this theme extensively in the future is that it’s entirely dependent on just one guy.
Don’t get me wrong – I ran into a ton of issues setting up my theme properly due to a crummy WordPress install and Dave (the creator) was on the ball. We talked quite a bit over email to figure out what the issue was, and eventually he logged into my site, reinstalled WordPress, and fixed the issues. I also had a bunch of questions I asked in the Ultimate Azon forum, which he responded to in less than 24 hours.
However, I have had bad experiences with individual developers in the past disappearing after I become dependent on their products.
I had a plugin called My Review Plugin that I purchased for $130 and installed across 10+ websites. After 6 months, the developer stopped making updates, then stopped responding to messages, and is nowhere to be found now. Multiple bugs and attempts to salvage it by hiring my own coders, I had to uninstall it and re-do everything with a new comparison chart plugin.
Even on One More Cup of Coffee I used to have a great plugin called Social Author Bio that I spent a good amount of time (and a bit of money) tweaking to fit my site. After creating 800 posts with shortcode in them, I realized the plugin hadn’t been updated for over 2 years and the author was no longer maintaining it. Since it presented a security issue for my website, I had to uninstall, and hire someone on oDesk to remove all the code post by post.
Both of these examples have nothing in relation to the Ultimate Azon product. However, this “one man” setup is in comparison to a company like Studiopress which has a team of developers, a support staff, and time/money invested into continuing their service. It’s just a personal fear of mine due to past experiences.

Other Comments

Product Focused Niche Website

I’m not sure how I feel about creating a hyper focused niche website like cordless drills or motion sensor sprinklers. Mini niche websites seem to be harder to maintain in the long term due to lack of content ideas, thus the amount of blogging you do is usually less often. Less blogging usually leads to lower rank, and then you start looking at backlinking services.
As mentioned above, I haven’t done enough testing to say “Yes it works” or “No it doesn’t”. Personally, I wouldn’t try to make make a hyper focused niche website my main money site. However, as a side project, they can be fun, especially if you outsource the content and go for low competition phrases.
If you decide to purchase the Ultimate Azon Theme, consider making your niche a bit broader. You can still use the slider integration to make more focused comparison charts. Also, aside from the unique features mentioned in the review, the rest of your blog works the same, so you can really write about whatever you want!

More Examples Please

I would like to see more examples of things you can do with the theme. If you didn’t notice, I borrowed heavily from the drill website to make my sprinkler website look good. The only other example available with this theme was one listed on the sales page for UAT, and it wasn’t even an Amazon affiliate site.
motion sensor sprinkler

Advanced Link Tracking

This seems to be a cool feature that integrates with Google Analytics to show which links are getting clicked. I haven’t had the time to mess with this, and am not 100% sure how it works or if it’s useful. It’s definitely worth looking into however, and I’ll update this post if I ever dig into it.

Definitely A Unique Theme

This is the only Amazon WordPress Theme I’ve ever seen that I actually liked. One suggestion I have for Dave – I’d like to see a shopping cart integrated into the theme so that people can add multiple items to a cart on your website, then click over to Amazon to check out all items together. I’m not sure if it’s possible to do this , but as it stands, it’s hard to promote accessories or multiple products to a single person.

Who Is This Theme Good For?

New Marketer With Many Interests

Do you have a ton of niche ideas and are not sure which one you want to focus on yet? Do you enjoy building smaller websites based around groups of products? This could be a good theme for you.
Actually, when I started out online I built about 20 different websites in different niches. Rather than posting every day to one site, I posted once or twice a week to each of the sites. It kept my mind busy, and meant that I got to try a bunch of different things at the same time. Yeah, I had a lot of time on my hands.
Since the $47 cost of UAT means you can use this theme on unlimited sites, you can just fire up your keyword tool, do a bunch of niche research one weekend, and start about 10 sites in different niches you see potential in. Work on them for a few months, and see which one performs the best. Then you can use this knowledge to consider building a larger, authority website in the same niche.

Site Flipper

Because Amazon is easy to understand for new internet marketers, personally, I think an Amazon affiliate website is more marketable than other types of affiliate programs. If you build a website that integrates seamlessly with the Amazon affiliate program and makes a bit of money, you could have a standalone business just by flipping cool niche sites.
Find some good keywords, create the base site, then sell a package of a ready made website with traffic, earnings, and a business plan. You can then sell your site on Flippa or Empire Flippers.

Experienced Marketer With Money For Outsourcing

If you are already making money online and looking to expand your business, TIME is the main commodity you should be concerned about. It’s time to start outsourcing.
The formula is pretty simple.
  1. Find a “main keyword” for your domain
  2. Find 5-10 related products to review and compare
  3. Plan 3-4 months worth of keyword related content for your niche
  4. Hire a writer to write the reviews and your content
  5. Hire a project manager to post the articles + images + links
I would help if you have an example website that your project manager can follow, and if you have videos explaining things like how to make a slider, and how you want the images/links done. Once your project manager is familiar with UAT, you can simply hand over the articles from your writer and have a little niche site making factory on your hands!
I have officially made 3 sales related to the niche topic I chose, so yes, the theme ranks, and yes, you can make money with it. My business is not officially “profitable” yet because I spent money outsourcing, buying images, and buying the them, but I imagine I will be in the net positive income in a few months.
amazon sales
Total sales for the year (as of Nov 2015). I’ve made about $80 from the website, so the theme has paid for itself! I may pick at the site next year because it’s a fun topic, and showing results.
amazon year total sales
I’m now earning pretty regular sales from this website, and I haven’t added any more content to it. I could easily add more “critter repellent” products, articles about sprays, cat traps, and other garden-saving products. I don’t have the time or the money to outsource ATM but it’s nice to see the site grow naturally without much effort.
amazon earnings 2016

Final Review

Thumbs Up

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